The blood thinner Xarelto can cause uncontrolled bleeding, a Dangerous side effect that leads some users and family members to seek compensation through the court system.
Internal Bleeding Can be fatal.

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In 2011, the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a medication called Xarelto or Rivaroxaban. One of the newest – more commonly known as blood thinners. The drug is an oral medication developed by Bayer and Johnson & Johnson’s New Jersey-based unit, Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Blood thinners prevent dangerous blood clots that can obstruct the blood flow to the vital organs. Unlike older anticoagulants that require doctors to prescribe specific doses for each individual, Xarelto belongs to a new type of oral anticoagulant that is prescribed in one uniform dose.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Xarelto for use in patients who have had knee or hip replacement surgery to reduce the risk of blood clots, reducing the risk of stroke in people with AF. The purpose of the medication was to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis, strokes, blood clots and pulmonary embolism in patients who have undergone knee or hip replacement surgery. Similar to other blood thinners, Xarelto carries serious side effects, but a major risk patients encounter from the medication is severe internal bleeding.

To date, Xarelto is considered one of the most dangerous medications in the pharmaceutical market. In addition, there is no anticoagulant to reverse or control the internal bleeding caused by Xarelto.

Xarelto Lawsuits and Related Injuries

These wrongful death lawsuits also accuse the defendant of concealing important safety information and of not thoroughly testing the drug before it was put on the market. If you or a loved one suffered from bleeding, blood clots or other side effects caused by Xarelto, you may be able to file a Xarelto lawsuit against Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. If you need help figuring out your legal options, call or email our legal advocates.

Have you or a loved one experienced internal bleeding after taking Xarelto?


Other Xarelto Complications

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  • Internal Bleeding

  • Embolism

  • Blood Clots

  • Hemorrhaging

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If you or a loved one were affected by uncontrolled bleeding or any of the other dangerous side effects of Xarelto, our patient advocates can assist you.

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Xarelto Side Effects and Why Are They Dangerous

Xarelto is a FDA-approved blood thinner made by the Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. While the company brands it as a new oral anticoagulant, the truth is that the medication has been deemed dangerous and not recommended for consumption. Nevertheless, few people are aware of this, resulting in many sad cases of internal bleeding and other side effects of Xarelto.

Costly recovery, long-lasting physical impairments and mental traumas – these are relatively minor consequences of injuries caused by Xarelto. The biggest danger of this drug is that there are no other drugs capable of countering the Xarelto-induced internal bleeding. Therefore, lack of timely medical aid can end in tragedy.

Seeking justice is a human right. If you, your family member or anyone you know has been affected by the side effects of this drug, staying silent is not an option. Take action!

The injuries caused by Xarelto are too serious to be ignored. Do not let the company avoid responsibility and let your Xarelto claim be heard.

Get professional Xarelto lawsuit help

Making claims against Xarelto can be a challenge, because the information about the side effects is constantly silenced and ignored, and not everyone are confident about being able to stand up to a large pharmaceutical company in the court. We are ready to stand up for you.

Our team of lawyers has a broad experience of helping Xarelto victims make their stories known and their losses compensated. We do it, because we saw danger of Xarelto side effects for ourselves and know how it can affect a life of a person. Therefore, we provide Xarelto related claim services to everyone who has been wronged by the company and suffered from the medication. We offer consultations, prepare Xarelto lawsuits and get compensations for our clients. We know how to handle the case and litigations and how to prove the truth to the court.

Our assistance is guaranteed to increase your chances of winning the case and getting retribution.

Contact us and we will use our expertise to help you file a lawsuit and take the story of your injuries to the court.

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